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I. Classification of Luggage :

  • Light luggage
  • Heavy luggage
  • Portable Articles
  • Pet animals
  • Free allowance

1. Light luggage:

Luggage occupying more space and low weighing are charged at 10 kgs per unit.

    1. Cotton bales non pressed
    2. Beedi leaves
    3. Plastic utensils / pipes etc
    4. Flowers

2. Heavy luggage:

Heavy luggage are to be charged at 20 kgs / unit.

    1. Agricultural products / vegetables/ fruits
    2. Manure
    3. Pulses / Seeds
    4. Motors /pumps / Iron pipes
    5. Suitcase / Bed- roll and any other luggage
    6. Cocoons

3. Portable Articles :

Truck Tyre 3 units ( 60 kgs)
Refrigerator / Bicycle / Film box / Washing Machine / Car tyre 2 units ( 40 kgs)
TV / Computer monitor / Battery / Empty can-container upto 25 litres Capacity / Type writers/ Petromax / Table Fan / Haromonium / Veena 1 unit (20 kgs)

4. Pet Animals :

    1. Dog should be charged equivalent to one adult passenger’s fare.
    2. Rabbit, pup, cat, bird, birds in cage, monkey etc. shall be charged at the child fare prescribed.

Note - Pet animals shall be charged as indicated above and shall under no circumstances be treated as part of free allowance.

5. Free allowance:

  • Every passenger is allowed to carry luggage (all inclusive) free of cost to an extent of 30 kgs in case of adult and 15 kgs in case of chargeable child.
  • If the luggage carried by the passenger is more than the permissible free allowance then the luggage is to be charged after allowing free allowance applicable to the passenger concerned.
  • In case adult passenger carried more than 30 kgs, then above the 30 kgs luggage is to be charged.
  • Passengers traveling in a group of 4 or 5 persons carrying the luggage articles in a single bag or bundle are allowed free allowance for one person (30 kgs) only.
  • An adult passenger can carry luggage equivalent to free allowance or portable articles equivalent to one unit free of cost if he is not carrying any other luggage.
  • An Adult passenger intends to carry bed-roll of 5 kgs and is accompanied by a dog. The bed –roll to be allowed free. However, the Dog is to be charged.

II. Luggage Rates:

Luggage rates beyond free luggage allowance is as below;

  • Every 20 kgs of luggage will be considered as one unit. For light luggage, 10 kgs is considered as one unit.
  • Luggage rate to be charged is Rs.0.50 per unit per stage subject to minimum of Rs.5/-.
  • These rates are applicable for unaccompanied luggage also.
  • Newspaper bundles shall be charged at Rs.1.50 per unit of 5 kgs or part thereof irrespective of the distance.

III. Prohibited Luggages:

  • 1. Petrol, Gas, Diesel
  • 2. Alcohol
  • 3. Gasoline
  • 4. Kerosene
  • 5. Spirit
  • 6. Turpentine
  • 7. Acid
  • 8. Sulpher
  • 9. Cool Taar
  • 10. Gun powder
  • 11. Wet fish
  • 12. Dry fish
  • 13. Pataki / Atom bomb
  • 14. Afeem / Drug items
  • 15. Gas cylinder
  • 16. Dead body
  • 17. Non-licensed forest products
  • 18. Bones / horn
  • 19. Animals
  • 20. Batteries
  • 21. Coal
  • 22. Non packed cinema films
  • 23. Non packed cotton
  • 24. Non packed dry leaves
  • 25. Guns and bandoleer
  • 26. Unrefined Skin , fur
  • 27. Non-packed woolen goods
  • 28. Other prohibited items as per law

IV. Important terms and conditions:

  • The corporation reserves the right to accept / reject any luggage.
  • Luggage will be carried subject to availability of the space.
  • Articles which are offensive, contraband, explosive or otherwise dangerous to the safety of passengers shall not be accepted for carriage.
  • Corporation will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the luggage due to unforeseen circumstances or due to accident to the vehicle carrying the luggage or improper packing.
  • In case of any doubt regarding the contents of the luggage, the same will be liable for inspection by the KSRTC staff.
  • Under no circumstances, bulk luggage will be carried inside the bus, affecting the movement of passengers or staff, or in the driver’s cabin.
  • If the luggage carried in the bus is not charged at the boarding point, a penalty equivalent to two times the luggage fare be imposed on the person who carries luggage.

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